I have over 20 years experience with both interior and exterior painting and staining. More than half of that time was spent finishing custom homes, where the standards were set extremely high. Some of the work provided to these homes included Faux finishes like marbleizing and antiquing, as well as staining cabinets, trim, ceilings and floors. Lacquer finishes and am also well experienced in all latex and oil based paints.






I am very competent in both floors and showers, as well as backsplashes. While there may be many ways to install tile, there are some things that should not be compromised to the ease of the installer. Like poor layout and starting with what maybe a full tile and ending up with splinter tiles when the difference should have been split, also proper waterproofing behind a shower tiles is something that can be neglected and you may not see the effects from that for years to come, however when they rear their ugly head they come with a heavy price with them.






Custom epoxy, tile, hardwood, and laminate are some of the flooring finishes that I am proficient in. I have experience in all of these areas. My latest passion has become epoxy flooring because of it's durability and beauty. Although, I do see where other styles fit some homes better.


Epoxy has become my passion. Due to the natural beauty and durability of it. I have discovered a method to make something that is extremely durable and versatile a thing of art. 100% solids epoxy is self leveling, which means you get that glass like finish on your floors and countertops. While not as heat resistant as Granite it comes 




I've found that expanding rooms is in high demand for growing needs of the household be it work, or play, or family related. I have experience that ranges from pushing out a half bath into a garage to put squeeze in a shower insert all the way to demoing out structural walls and offices to make a sanctuary large enough for a church to combine two services into one.


I am skilled at hanging sheet rock, taping and finishing any room in a residential or commercial building. This includes a variety of textures like orange peel, acoustic, skip trowel, knock down, imperfect smooth, smooth, and faux Venitian plaster. I've completed many drywall repairs with a seemless finished appearance.